Kenney  Drapery Associates provides a wide range of services in many areas and  industries, but the heart of our operation has always been rooted in the  theater.  When it comes to theatrical curtains and rigging, our decades  of experience and commitment to quality are unmatched in the industry.
Curtains Our custom theatrical curtains are made to the highest  industry standards. Anything, from simple "Black masking" to the most  elaborate "Main" curtain systems, if it's theatrical, we can do it.   
Beauty & Functionality Kenney Drapery has the expertise to bring to reality the  most beautiful curtains your designers can imagine. Whether it is for a  main curtain or small decorative accents, we can fabricate our  creations using the finest fringe, tassels, embroidery and intricate  stitching available to achieve the elegance your theater deserves and to  do so with both durability and practicality.     
Austrian, Venetian and Contour Curtains  The main curtain is an essential part of every  theater's personality. The stunning look of these curtains as they  operate has made them a favorite of theater designers for over a  century. The range of looks that can achieved by various rigging  techniques, and in combination with other curtain elements can be  specifically tailored for your theaters unique requirements. Nothing  does more to enhance the impression an audience gets from a theater than  a grand curtain.  With our decades of experience, Kenney Drapery has mastered the complex  rigging systems that motorized Austrian, Venetian and Contour curtain  systems require.    
Motorized Curtains Kenney Drapery is a leader in the installation of  motorized curtains. When curtains need to be opened and closed from a  control booth, or run on cue by computer control, or in situations where  there is little or no designated stage crew, motorized curtains might  be the optimum solution. Houses of worship, school auditoriums, theme  parks, cruise ships & museums are just a few of the venues that  can benefit from the advantages of motorized curtain systems.   
Fiber Optic & LED Curtains Curtains with internally incorporated lighting are some  of the most difficult to manufacture and install. When you need a custom  fiber optic or LED curtain,  Kenney Drapery has the knowledge and  experience to do it right. We can create these curtains in any size or  configuration and with a wide range of lighting and control options to  precisely suit your specific needs.   
Theatrical Fire Safety Curtains The "Fire Curtain' is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in any theater.  Lives depend on it. Over the years, Kenney Drapery has installed,  repaired & renovated hundreds of theatrical fire curtains. Be it new  construction, renovation or simply bringing your theater up to code,  you can trust Kenney Drapery to do the job right.   
Rigging Theatrical rigging covers a wide variety of  requirements. It encompasses everything from complete turnkey motorized  or manual counterweight systems, to hanging single large artifacts for  display. If it involves theatrical rigging, Kenney Drapery does it.  Period.  
Counterweight Rigging We install the finest manual counterweight systems  available for any size theater. One line set to hundreds. We've  installed counterweight rigging in schools, performing arts centers,  theme parks and on stages for everything from city auditoriums  to museums to hotels.  Counterweight rigging must be to the highest  tolerances to be both safe and usable. you can count on Kenney Drapery  to do your counterweight rigging right.  
Motorized Rigging Motorized rigging systems are used for many  applications. Theatrical fly systems for lighting and scenery, Cruise  ship & theme park theaters and rides, proscenium lifts, concert  sound shells, speaker hoists, both for permanent installations and  touring systems. Anywhere counterweight rigging is impractical, or  where repetition, precision and reliability are essential. When you  require motorized rigging, Kenney Drapery is the one to call.  
Acoustical Control We are specialists in helping create the acoustical  enviroment that brings out the best in any performance. Acoustical  curtains, upholstered wall coverings and movable wall and ceiling  partitions that can tune your venue to perfection.  
Historical Restorations Kenney Drapery has worked  on historical theater restorations in many of the worlds great venues.  Our vast experience in all types of theatrical rigging, curtains, fire  safety systems, wall coverings and public space treatments means that we  can assist you in all aspects of your restoration and, when required,  modernization. We will work with your architects and designers from the  start to make sure your facility is as functional as it is beautiful.  
Theatrical Specialties When you need something truly unique, Kenney Drapery is the one to call.  For instance, When  there was need for dual 20' high by 55 foot  wide Kabuki Drops for an art unveiling at Miami International Airport,  and the customer was concerned with the reliability of available  systems, we designed and manufactured a custom dual drop system that  didn't rely on the standard magnetic releases commonly used. The results  exceeded the customer's expectations for both reliability and  effect. We have installed huge artistic banners in the atrium of a large  hotel in Denver, Created speaker lift systems for a well know theme  park in Orlando, Large scale embroidered banners, Complete Large  Chandelier lift system, including steel support engineering, for the  Fillmore Miami Beach, Full scale mock-up trolley car rigging for a major  theme park, etc. etc.    If it can be imagined, it can be created. and Kenney Drapery is the one to do it. 



Since 1927, Kenney Drapery Associates has provided the highest quality  theatrical curtains & rigging systems, public space drapery  & design elements, high end residential treatments, and a wide range  of additional services that can bring your projects to life.
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Turnkey Solutions
We provide all the resources for design, fabrication, and installation  of the entire project. And with over 90 years in the business, you can  count on Kenney Drapery Associates to deliver on all aspects of our  work. Whatever your design requires, we have a complete solution for  you.

Latest Innovations and Seasoned Experience
Kenney Drapery is an industry leader with the experience to properly  apply the latest technological innovations in the industry, and do so in  a way that is the most effective for your situation.

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