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                             above: Hotel lobby in Denver, right Theme Park in Orlando

Kenney Drapery
provides beautiful and functional settings that are inviting and highly attractive. We work with architects to maximize current designs and add truly stunning
artwork that add the finishing touch to a beautiful project.

Artistic Design
We work with architects to create stunning artwork that complements the features of any
public space with beauty and functionality

Lighting Control
We can design and fabricate settings that control light to maximize and accent the highlights
of public spaces, complementing their design.

Acoustic Control
Acoustics are a critical factor in public spaces within building structures. We are experienced in managing ambient noise pollution to increase harmony in public spaces

Special Projects
Kenney Drapery has a long history of achievements in circumstances and environments
that others shy away from.....
Unique Theme Park Rigging Systems,
Cruise Ships,
Government Projects,
Rock Concert Tours,
Special Effects for Film and Television shows,
all of these and more.

If it has to been done, Kenney Drapery can do it.

                                                                      above:  Roman Shades, Restaurant in Orlando

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