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Kenney Drapery Associates is a leader in the installation of Motorized & Manual Solar and Blackout Shade systems for both commercial and high end residential applications.  
                                                                                                         168 Large Motorized Shades installed on curved windows at Miami Intl. Airport 

With their ability to control heat and light, window shades are an essential design element in many of today's "green" buildings and homes.  Kenney Drapery can install motorized or manual shade systems using a wide variety of materials and techniques to create the shade solution that corresponds with both the beauty and the functional practicality of your design requirements. 

Kenney Drapery has vast experience in shade installations large and small and in many different configurations. Motorized and manual shades serve a wide range of functions. Let us help you see how they can fulfill the needs of your project

Solar Control
One of the primary uses for shades is to control the amount of heat and light entering through your windows, while still retaining the view outside. The addition of solar shades can substantially reduce the energy costs of any building they are installed in.
Because of the variable nature of shade systems, the advantages over tinting are significant. You can change the amount of solar reduction as needed, giving maximum availability of your outside views.

Blackout & Room Darkening
Another common use for shades is to block the outside view entirely when desired. Audio-visual rooms, classrooms, home theaters and corporate conference rooms often use blackout shades to make the viewing of video images as clear as possible and also to achieve an extra level of privacy when required. These can be installed with or without side and bottom channels for either a total outside blackout, or just to keep out most of the light (often used in residential and educational settings).

Skylight Shades
Skylights often require a unique and complex installation. Museums, Public spaces, corporate offices and high end residences all often have skylights incorporated into their structures. Kenney Drapery has installed shades on skylights for decades. Solar control, blackout or a combination of the two can be achieved for any skylight.  

Privacy Shades
There often circumstances which require an area's interior privacy to be enhanced on demand. For this application, motorized shades are the perfect solution. Corporate conference rooms, government and military offices and even certain residential situations can all benifit from the added security that interior shades can provide.

Motorized shades can be connected a variety of control systems. The energy cost savings can be substantial when shades are incorporated into a building's energy management computer systems. Shades can be programmed to raise or lower depending on such factors as ambient light, time of day, interior temperature changes and, in the case of exterior installations, even wind speed. Motorized window shades can also be activated by any audio visual control system, to work in conjunction with motorized screens and projector lifts to create the perfect solution for conference rooms, classrooms and home theaters.

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