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Proper acoustics are essential to the comfort and functionality of any room.
Kenney Drapery has decades of experience in solving acoustical issues of every variety in theaters, public spaces, recording studios, offices, conference rooms, hotels and just about every other situation imaginable.

Over the years, we've help create acoustic solutions for hundreds of clients, many with unique problems, using wide array of methods. Whether the issue is reducing outside noise, containing volume levels, controlling slap-back echo, or improving speech intelligibility, Kenney Drapery will work with you to achieve the results you desire.

Acoustical Curtains & Banners
Often, the simple addition of fabric curtains over windows or walls will have a significant impact on the overall acoustic presence of a room. Fabric can be used in variety of ways to solve many acoustic problems.  Curtains and banners can be used to divide room areas acoustically, lower the volume of sound through windows, soften the echo and reverb of hard walls. and improve the intelligibility of speech in many situations.

Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels
All of our upholstered wall and ceiling panels are custom made to order. We don't believe in "One size fits all" soloutions.  Our panels are made to enhance not only the acoustic practicality, but also beauty. We can work with your designers using the finest fabrics to create acoustic solutions that fit seamlessly into the intended look and flow of a space.

Theater and Auditorium Acoustics
Both fixed and variable acoustics are often required for theaters. Kenney Drapery can provide your venue with a variety of acoustical enhancements, many of which can be tuned when needed. Acoustic curtains, movable wall panels and banners can all help make a theater sound better. We have worked on everything from the smallest black box theaters and school stages, to concert halls, opera houses and the largest performing arts centers, so when your theater has acoustic needs, Kenney Drapery is the one to call.

Film, TV & Recording Studios
If audio is being recorded, the acoustics of the room are of supreme importance.
Kenney Drapery can provide your studio with anything you need to make your space acoustically 'Right". Film and TV studios often have to reduce noise from leaking from one area to another. Recording studios can benefit from area divider curtains, and acoustic wall panels designed to affect desired frequencies in different ways. Do you need to absorb the lows and defuse the highs? Lessen the slap back? Reduce the outside noise? we can do that. we can work with you and your designers to create bass traps, or variable acoustics, anything you need, and we can do it using materials that are beautiful as well as functional, so your room looks as good as it sounds.

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